I did have one of those artist statements that I was going to put here but I decided at the last minute to ditch it (although it took me forever to do), because I think sometimes those kinds of statements can be a bit off-putting in their language and be a barrier to direct communication.

So instead I will try and explain simply and honestly what I think I do and what my work is about.  I don’t really know fully myself, but here goes:

I use things I make, find and experience and make them into new things. I often think of these ‘new things’ as telling some kind of story. I use photography, text, video language and sound, depending on what feels right at the time. My sources are often a combination of autobiographical, fictional and found. I like playing with ideas of what’s real and what’s not real. Isn’t it all an illusion anyway? I’m drawn to ambiguity.

I often intend my work to be playful, but  it doesn’t seem to come out quite in that way – people often tell me its a bit edgy. That’s ok with me.

I’m a serial collaborator,  with artists and non-artists and I’m often involved in DIY and artist-run projects. More and more I am interested in the potential of collectivity, community, and conversation to make change.  I’m sick of irony. I believe in being sincere.  I think trying to be a good person is as important as trying to be a good artist.

Werner Herzog, Mark E Smith, Kate Bush, Bill Douglas, Henry Darger, David Foster Wallace,  Miranda July, The Flaming Lips, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, and Kristin Hersh are among the artists who I admire for their seriousness of purpose, commitment and sincerity.

I became an artist in my thirties after drifting in my twenties and it felt like coming home. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do and I try not to take it for granted. I was quite troubled when I was younger and I feel happy and lucky now.
You can contact me on Jeanmariemcewan@gmail.com

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  1. Hi, Jean:

    I am launching a new distro based in Toronto, Canada in late August/early September called Read Army Press.

    Saw your post on We make Zines re: the new Herzog zine. We do not specialize in film zines, specifically, as our goal is to focus on quality over genre.

    So many distros these days focus, for their own completely legitimate reasons, on zines of specific genre or origin only — leaving a lot of very good and interesting work under-represented and/or hard-to-find by would-be readers.

    We want to carry thins we lie, things we think are good, hings that make your think or are beautiful. We don’t necessarily care about the gender, orientation, or politics of the creator, — nor do we care if the work is a perzine or a litzine or what have you. We care about the content, the execution, the piece itself.

    We want to curate, more or less, a catalog of quality work, encouraging people to browse and discover, as you would in a bookstore.

    Simply put, we want to carry things we like, things we think others will like, too.

    Would definitely be interested, being a film buff and former film student myself, in checking out the Herzog zine and I love the David Foster Wallace-inspired This is Water work you’re doing, as well.

    Shoot me an email, if you’re interested. kitty@readarmypress.com

    P.S. Putting the website address below, though it is not ready to go live yet.

    Chat soon, I hope,

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