‘If we women walk in synergy’: visual notes from activist women in Bradford


Some visual notes made from  ‘International Activism‘ an event I attended recently in Bradford, the first public event hosted by the new Speakers’ Corner Collective ‘a social space co-run by women and young girls from Bradford and it’s surrounding areas’.

The event featured  four women who all spoke incredibly powerfully and eloquently about their activist activities: Sasha Bhat from Kashmir Solidarity MovementSamayya Afzal who spoke about the recent Bradford Vigil for Aleppo with the Syrian Association of Yorkshire , Jane Gregory from Bradford Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Kongosi Mussanzi from Bradford Congo Campaign.  Samayya Afzal commented afterwards that ‘the solidarity between everyone and the causes was amazing’. It really was.

I’m looking for ways to both reflect on, and document the words I hear from people who are trying to make change in a very difficult world. Rather than leave the words I wrote down from these inspiring women in my notebook, where only I see them, I have made them into a collage in a sketchbook,  and am sharing them in the hope they inspire others as much as they did me, and help in a small way to help build the solidarity we need to in these incredibly challenging times.

How Far Are you Prepared to Go? /I am The Work of Your Life, You Are The Work of My Life

How Far Are you Prepared to Go? /I am The Work of Your Life, You Are The Work of My Life

Images from a newspaper collaboration with artist Pete Davies responding to Victorian writer and activist Edward Carpenter and the site of the Commonwealth Cafe on Scotland Street, Sheffield, which he ran between 1887 and 1888 as a radical social space for people to gather, share ideas and organise.
The publication was commissioned as part of the Simple Stories programme,  a year-long series of Sheffield based events, actions and exhibition actions, curated by the Poly-Technic, aka artists Steven Pool and Kate Genever
50 printed copies were produced and distributed at an informal launch event which took place outside the site of Commonwealth Cafe, which now exists as a karaoke bar, in July 2016.

box of newspapers


The online edition is viewable here

Blogposts on the development of the collaboration on the Simple Stories website here