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these things that are happening

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Make a birthday card for William Blake

Myself and artist Terry Greene are running an event at Wur Bradford stall at Kirkgate Market on 28th November to celebrate William Blake’s 258th birthday.
As part of the event we will be presenting an exhibition of original handmade birthday cards in tribute to the great man.
Here is how to get involved.

Wur Bradford

blake book

On 28th November,  we are hosting a celebration for Britain’s best loved poet-artist- visionary -revolutionary, William Blake, who was born on that day in 1757.
The author of Songs of Innocenceand Experience and Jerusalem,  and a rebel in thought and art, Blake was largely unrecognised in his lifetime and considered mad by his contemporaries, but his genius has since been acknowledged and he is now considered one of the greatest artists of all time.
We will be celebrating his influence and contribution through  Blake inspired performances, readings of his poems, an exhibition, a commemorative publication,  library, and cake. There will also be  creative activities for people to get involved in .
We invite you to make William Blake a birthday card for the event, which will be shown as part of the mini exhibition and collected into a special commemorative limited edition publication to be available…

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